The SMART GRID DAYS are back, the event that has been a great moment for 10 years now
meeting and comparison dedicated to the world of monitoring and remote control in the field

Gas, Oil & Water; a story. with many voices and with many hands on the news concerning the world of monitoring
and the remote control of networks and cathodic protection.

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Smart Grid Days 2023 program
Ancona | October 25-27.

The multi-gas sector remains at the heart of the European and global energy system. Talking today about remote monitoring and control of central infrastructures not only for our country, means giving the right positioning to a segment – that of natural gas – that thanks to technological innovation is at the centre of the energy and digital transition. Infrastructures that are enriched with new content and value; in a historical moment that entrusts the gas sector with the task of making the ever-growing demand for energy sustainable.


Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Smart Meter, Data Management become key factors to consciously enhance strategic assets both for our country and on an international scale. Making access to energy sustainable from an economic, environmental, and social point of view undoubtedly passes through this evolutionary process and the maintenance of mature networks that call for an ethical relationship with what has been built over time according to qualitative criteria that are certainly enlightened.

Five months after the second edition of Digital Grid Evolution – the event focused on the evolution of integrated energy systems with an extension to the water sector – AUTOMA completes its vision, thanks also to the contribution of exceptional testimonials, with examples and solutions dedicated to natural gas, hydrogen, biomethane, power to gas and other resources that our gas transmission and distribution networks will bring to citizens and industries.

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25| 10 monitoring and remote control
of the networks
26| 10 monitoring and remote control
of the networks
27| 10 monitoring and remote control
of the networks

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